Category: Package Bundle Deals

DeadPool Scarf and Throw Set

Scarf: 30 stitches x 265 rows Blanket: 200 stitches x 225 rows

Argyle C2C Throw & Argyle SC Pillow Set

Blanket (Corner to Corner Stitch): 77 stitches x 77 rows Pillow (Single Crochet Stitch): 70 stitches x 70 rows

Beach Theme Bundle of 3

200 stitches x 202 rows each

Batman Pillow & Throw Blanket

Pillow: 80 stitches x 90 rows Blanket: 200 stitches x 180 rows

Rainbow Letters A-Z

70 stitches x 80 rows each

Holiday Scarves Bundle of 5

approx. 30S x 265R each

Harry Potter Scarves Bundle

Each 30 stitches x 266 rows

Care Bear 6-Bear Bundle

Care Bear 6 pack bundle (Grumpy, Funshine, Bedtime, Tenderheart, Cheer, Good Luck) each 144 stitches x 144 rows