Use this form to request a custom written pattern. Please upload a high-quality photo that you would like to have made into a written pattern. Please do not take a photo of a photo, but scan an image with high resolution. I will be in touch after I review your request and let you know whether it can be done or not and advise where you would be on my queue at that time.



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Size of crochet art piece when completed

Note: finished piece size depends on: hook size, yarn, tension & gauge, finished listed sizes are approximate only.

Style of crochet art

gray scale (4 shades of gray)brown scale (4 shades of brown)custom (explain below)

When will you be ready to pay?

This is important to note, as I will not
begin the work on the preview until the date you will be ready to pay.


For custom orders with no image please describe the request fully in the message box below


Please describe your request as accurately as possible, ie: add a name and/or date and any other specific details you would like.

Please note that if I have already worked up your image and then you request a change that was not in your original request, there will be a $5.00 re-work fee to compensate for my time and work (if that change is even feasible at all).